We install garage carpets anywhere in New Zealand… Full installations starting from just $949 (get 10% Off, Limited Time Only).

Why we do it

We want your garage to be part of your home

your house needs to look good

No longer will your garage be a cold, damp, quiet place, hidden from the rest of the house. You’ll now be able to step out of your car into luxury and onto some comfort.

to make your garage your home

The garage has always been the odd one out in your home. No longer – garage carpet makes your garage feel part of your home again, in perfect rhythm with the rest of the house.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

TO See the smiles on your faces

With the speed it takes to install a garage carpet (typically within one day), your face won’t help but light up with joy. And if you have younger ones, their’s do too when they step onto it.

Our Work

We’ve installed garage carpets all over New Zealand and only use industry-leading materials. We pride ourselves on our 100% weatherproof carpet material which is the best quality money can buy. And of course, our workmanship cannot be beat.

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What our customers say

“I called Best Garage Carpet on a Tuesday and they were literally at my house at 11am on the Wednesday. I highly recommend them! ”

Jane Smith (Palmerston North)

“Your garage carpets are awesome. You really made my garage feel homey and warm. I love getting out of my car now. ” John Danielson (Wellington)

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